Health Strat Risk Management Framework Report

The purpose of developing a Risk Management Framework for Health
Strat is motivated by the Organization’s desire to transform its existing risk management approach
into a more structured and robust process for monitoring and reporting critical organizational
risks and emerging risks to senior management and stakeholders.

Nairobi Brain Trust Strategic Plan 2013-2016

This strategic plan is a desire of Nairobi Brain Trust as it captures the aspirations of the broad constituent organizations as a step to the development of Result Based Accountability system and to demonstrate with clarity and in measurable manner its programs and activities logically.

KMPDU Strategic Plan

I am pleased to present this five (5) year strategic plan (2020-2024), the first one in the history of Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentist Union (KMPDU).

Haki Yetu Baseline Survey Report

The report on ‘Haki Yetu, Jukumu Letu” Gender Based
Violence in Meru and Kilifi Counties’ is one among these
initiatives that aims to support policymakers and relevant
institutions in their efforts to combat and prevent gender
based violence in Kenya.

MOH Cost Benefit Analysis

The control of drug use by international agreement and or regulatory authorities such as the US Food and
Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Japanese Pharmaceutical and
Medical Devises Agency (PMDA), is concerned mainly with the development, approval, manufacturing
and marketing of drugs and medical devices.

Coffer International Report

The purpose of this Training Evaluation Report was to assess the
effectiveness and relevance of the training events carried out
for Jamii Thabiti Implementing Partners’ Program Officers and
Monitoring and Evaluation Officers and the regional focal points
(Regional Coordinators) on Research, Monitoring and Evaluation.

British Council Baseline Survey Report

This baseline survey report captures the findings and recommendations for a Market Scoping
and Training Needs Analysis for Social Enterprises within Mombasa County.

KNCHR Evaluation Report

This is a report of end of project evaluation of the European Union
– Human Rights Defenders Project. The Program was implemented
from 2014-2016, with support from the European Union (EU).

EAC Report

Research suggests that women and children are vulnerable in times of conflict and war. Emerging patterns in conflict show that civilians have become the target, majority of which are women and children.

YEIN Final Report

During its inception in August 2010 the YEIN project defined two immediate objectives to help it attain its overall goal of improving youth access to fair labour market in Nairobi, over the project period 2010-2013.